Environment and Social Psychology

Creativity, Entrepreneurship and higher education: The Educational Innovation for Post-pandemic world

Submission deadline: 2024-08-31
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Dear colleagues,

The introduction would give a brief background on the changes in the socio-economic landscape ushered by technological advancements, and the subsequent emphasis on the cultivation of innovative talents, specifically in the era of knowledge and intelligence. The introduction could briefly touch on the role of emerging technologies in shaping the teaching process, especially for STEM/STEAM, maker, and entrepreneurship education.

Problem Statement:

This section would articulate the challenges faced by educators in nurturing students’ higher-order abilities. It could discuss the lack of experience and theoretical foundation in teaching methods for fostering creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Significance of the Research:

The significance of this research topic could then be expounded by emphasizing the need for mature pedagogies, effective teaching aids, accurate evaluation tools, and the importance of connecting theories with practices. The section would also talk about investigating the systematic linkage and relational mechanism between creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Objectives of the Research Topic:

This section would state the objectives of the research topic, which would include soliciting original research articles that contribute to innovation-oriented education. It could further be broken down into the three potential directions:

Scholarly reviews or meta-analyses in the field of creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship education.

Empirical studies focusing on cultivating students' higher-order abilities.

Theories and practices of transformative teaching in creative and innovative competencies in different disciplines and domains.


The conclusion would reiterate the importance of the research topic in the present socio-economic landscape, with a special emphasis on the post-pandemic world. It would summarize the need for fresh insights and new research in this field and the potential impact it could have on shaping the future of education and talent development.

Prof. Michael Yao-Ping Peng


Higher education; Educational Psychology; Teaching and Learning; Creativity;Innovation; Learning Engagement; Learning Motivation; Leadership.

Published Paper

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