Environment and Social Psychology

Cultivating Collaboration: Unveiling the Role of Servant Leadership in Social Dynamics

Submission deadline: 2024-05-30
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Dear colleagues,

Servant leadership represents a transformative approach to leadership that prioritizes serving others first. This paradigm shift in leadership philosophy has gained substantial attention due to its profound influence on shaping organizational cultures, fostering positive human behavior, and enhancing overall satisfaction within various contexts. Understanding the importance of servant leadership in today's dynamic and interconnected world is paramount. Leaders embracing this approach are catalysts for change, fostering environments where empathy, collaboration, and trust flourish. Such environments significantly impact employee behavior, job satisfaction, and organizational performance.

This special issue on  cultivationg collaboration: unveling the role of servant leadership in social dynamics focuses to consolidate research, insights, and perspectives, promote a comprehensive understanding of servant leadership's transformative potential in shaping human behavior and fostering collaboration within different contexts.

We welcome a diversity of articles such as in-depth analysis of servant leadership principles, their theoretical framework, and empirical evidence showcasing their impact on social dynaics in various contexts (business, education, healthcare, etc.) case studies, comprehensive review of existing literature how it led to improved collaboration. Servant leadership and team dynamics, and its affects on commmunity and productivity, how servant leadership influences organizational culture and its role in promoting collaboration and innovation, Potential extensions or modifications to existing models based on empirical evidence or emerging trends. Ethical implications of servant leadership in the work place and its broader societal impact. Address how servant leadership fosters a more humane and ethical work environment, contributing to employee well-being and societal betterment.Training and development, measures and tools for effective collaboration, Identify areas for further research and potential avenues for exploring the impact of and role of servant leadership in shaping collaboration and social dynamics.Highlight unanswered questions or emerging trends that could shape future studies in this field.

Dr. Muhammad Hashim

Dr. Alamzeb Aamir

Mr. Abdullah Alromaihi

Dr. Ali Qasim Hasan Al - Obaidi

Dr. Nurul Hidayah

Guest Editors


Servant Leadership; Social Dynamics; Collaboration; Productivity; Human Behavior; Performance; Communities; Commitment; Workplace

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