Environment and Social Psychology

Environmental Education And Human Psychology – A Way Forward to Sustainable Practices

Submission deadline: 2024-04-30
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Dear colleagues,

The environment is a very important aspect globally. The environment and related aspects must be made aware to the people. The waste management and pollution control of soil, air and water is very essential and the knowledge of which must be given to the students in schools and colleges. The psychology of people towards environment aspects is necessary to be known. Therefore, this special issue will deal with all aspects related to present psychology of people towards the environment. The psychology of sustainability and sustainable development sees sustainability not only in terms of the ecological and socio-economic environment but also in terms of improving the quality of life of every human being. It refers also to something that can be supported, tolerated, or confirmed over time, and that can be stated with certainty. It concerns building on the present in such a way as not to put the future at risk. In politics, technology, the economy, and the ecology, sustainability is about balancing current aims with future aims without jeopardizing the latter. Psychologically, sustainability is viewed not only in terms of the ecological and social environment but also in terms of promoting the well-being of all people. While the traditional definition of sustainability focuses on avoiding (exploitation, depletion, and irreversible alteration), the new definition focuses on promoting. The special issue “Environmental Education and Human Psychology – a way forward to sustainable practices ” will be useful to the college students, Professors and Researchers working on environmental studies. The environmental studies and psychology of people will be focused which will help to save the environment, management of wastes, pollution and the harmful effects due it, etc.  

Major themes –

Environmental education –concepts and importance

Environemntal education and sustianble developemnt 

Integration of sustianble practices into Pschology 

Eco anxiety and environmental education  

Education and environmental sustianbility- culture matters  

Human–nature connectedness as a ‘treatment' for pro-environmental behavior: making the case for spatial considerations

Nature contact, nature connectedness and associations with health, wellbeing and pro-environmental behaviours.

Dr. Javid Parray

Dr. Aparna Gunjal

Guest Editors


Conservation; Eco-friendly; Pollution; Sustainability; Waste Management

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