Environment and Social Psychology

Building Resilience: Exploring the Interplay of Built Environment, Mental Health, and Community Well-being in Times of Global Challenges

Submission deadline: 2024-10-30
Special Issue Editors

Special Issue Information

Dear Colleagues,

In the face of climate change, the COVID-19 pandemic, economic uncertainties, and psychosocial challenges, understanding the impact of these crises on the built environment and, consequently, on mental health and community resilience is crucial. This special issue aims to delve into the effects of significant crises faced by the built environment on the people’ mental health, attitudes and behaviors over the past decade, particularly on vulnerable communities. It focuses on issues such as the inadequacy of essential facilities and infrastructure, reduced community interactions, and the overall well-being of diverse communities. Emphasizing the intricate and dynamic relationship between the built environment and mental health, this special issue plans to integrate insights from a range of disciplines including architecture, urban planning, psychology, sociology, environmental science, and public health.

The focus of the special issue is to advance our understanding of the built environment's impact on mental health through literature reviews, comparative studies, and the presentation of innovative initiatives and case studies in effective settlements planning, architecture, green spaces, community participation, and public health.

The editorial team welcomes contributions that present comprehensive literature reviews, comparative studies, innovative initiatives, and case studies focused on settlements planning, architecture, green spaces, and community participation within the context of mental health and public health. Authors are encouraged to compile, structure, and analyze data using qualitative, quantitative, and smart applications, with a particular emphasis on the experiences of vulnerable communities in both urban and rural areas.

This collection extends an invitation for submissions addressing rural and/or peri-urban issues, exploring the impact of land cover on the mental health and resilience of vulnerable communities The editorial team believes that by discussing initiatives and measures aligned with the objective of bridging knowledge gaps, this special issue can contribute significantly to building resilience in communities facing multifaceted challenges.

Guest Editors

Dr. Mohammad Javad Maghsoodi Tilaki

Associate Professor Dr. Asyirah Binti Abdul Rahim


resilience; mental health; wellbeing; health-promoting; vulnerable communities; social inclusion; interdisciplinary collaboration.

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