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Effect of Emerging Technologies on Sustainable Business Environment

Submission deadline: 2024-12-31
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Dear colleagues,

In this era when the whole world is talking about achieving sustainable development goals. Industries are facing pressure of sustainable production. The managers want industries to grow but they also need to take care of people and the environment. Recently, the whole world also faced the pandemic COVID-19. Industries need such management which can bring efficiency and economies of scale. During the post COVID era, industries are also looking to creating such an environment in which people can work from virtual locations as well. Technologies can fulfill the requirement of sustainable development, productivity, efficiency, production and will help in working from virtual locations as well. In this special issue, the prime focus will be on the effect or application of technology in various business domains including management, marketing, finance, productions, operations, and HR management. The authors can also check the effect of technology in creating feasible environment for improved economical practices. Other dimensions like tourism and the effect of technologies on education to bring sustainability in both the fields, can also be checked. The authors can discuss the various components of technology 2.0, technology 3.0, and technology 4.0 from the perspective of business and management.

We welcome a diversity of articles, such as conceptual and empirical articles, reviews, critical comments, and meta-analyses, case studies, book reviews for submission to this Special Issue. We will accept manuscripts from different disciplines, addressing topics related to the scope. The nature of submission is not limited to the mentioned keywords only.

Asst. Prof. Anuj Kumar 

Asst. Prof. Dr. Aruna Dev Rroy

Dr. Vijayakumar Thota

Prof. Dr P. Priyadarsini

Dr. Cheryl Venan Dias

Ms. Rajani H. Pillai

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Emerging Technologies; Sustainable Management; SMEs and Entrepreneurship; Sustainable Tourism; Technology and Education; Sustainable Marketing; Circular Economy; Green Supply Chain Management; Sustainable Business Practices; Sustainability and CSR Practices; Green Environmental Practices

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