Environment and Social Psychology

Sustainability and Social Studies in the post-COVID-19 Era

Submission deadline: 2025-03-31
Special Issue Editors

Special Issue Information

The special issue will concern “sustainability” in social science studies. The special issue considers the definition of sustainability according to the Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations (https://sdgs.un.org/goals). As the United Nations’s website illustrates, SDGs consist of 17 goals, such as quality education, gender equality, or glean water and sanitation. These goals lead our society to improve our living environment for sustainability from different viewpoints.

Due to social science studies being widely used, the special issue will focus on (1) consumer and family economics, (2) education, (3) media and communication studies, (4) psychology, (5) sociology, (6) tourism, and (7) business and management. Specifically, the special issue will prefer these manuscripts to participate in their research in the real social environment. For instance, enhancing the appeal of recycled products to consumers from a behavioral perspective is key for encouraging purchases. Similarly, investigating the link between corporate social responsibility and financial performance is vital from a financial analytics viewpoint. Additionally, devising strategies to promote sustainable learning among working adults post-high school graduation is essential.

As a result, the research topics include but are limited to:

(1) Sustainability effects on consumer or family economic development;

(2) Sustainability effects on the educational system, learning, educational evaluation, etc.

(3) Sustainability affects media and communication for consumers, organizations, or the social environment.

(4) The relationship between psychology and sustainability;

(5) The relationship between sociological change and sustainability, specifically from the view of language and culture;

(6) The relationship between tourism and sustainability;

(7) To thriving sustainability issues from the view of social science.

(8) Management changing in a Digital World and Management ethos in the Post-COVID-19 era from the view of sustainability;

(9) Sustainability affects corporate governance, financial markets, performance, controversial information, technology, economic and business development issues, etc.


Sustainability; post-COVID-19; consumer and family economics; education; media and communication studies; psychology; sociology; tourism; business and management.

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