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Development of the Mental Health and Well-being of Teachers and Students: A Positive Psychology Perspective

Submission deadline: 2025-02-28
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Dear Colleagues,

Good health and well-being are one of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. However, negative factors such as academic stress, heavy workload, competition, time constraints, and pandemics can adversely affect the positive development of students' health and well-being. Negative factors such as workload, work-life balance, heavy administrative tasks, work pressure, classroom management issues, tense parent-teacher relationships, and exceeding teaching hours similarly impact the health and well-being of teachers. From this, it can be seen that effectively promoting the health and well-being of both teachers and students, and improving the impact and mitigation of negative factors, is an important practical issue. Simultaneously, it requires the attention of researchers in relevant fields.

In the past decade, positive psychology has provided a valuable theoretical perspective on issues related to health and well-being, helping people to better focus on this thematic area. However, compared to other branches of psychology, the proportion of research in positive psychology, especially concerning the mental health and well-being of teachers and students from a positive psychology perspective, remains relatively low. Therefore, within less than a year since the end of the pandemic, it is more suitable to promote the conduct of relevant research. Based on the aforementioned objectives, this special issue invites the following themes:

  • Issues concerning teachers and students from the perspective of positive psychology.

  • Methods to promote the mental health and well-being of teachers and students.

  • Exploring factors influencing the health and well-being of teachers and students.

  • Investigating factors and impacts of students' technology addiction. 

  • Integration of positive psychology and educational psychology. 

  • The promotion effects of artificial intelligence on health and well-being.

  • Health and well-being of teachers and students during and after the pandemic era 

We welcome authors to submit various types of articles, including conceptual and empirical papers, reviews, critical commentaries, and integrative analyses, case studies, book reviews, etc., to this special issue. We will consider manuscripts covering topics related to the scope of the issue. However, submitted topics are not limited solely to the keywords of the special issue.

Dr. Jian-Hong Ye

Asst. Prof. Dr. Yu-Feng Wu

Asso. Prof. Dr. Ling Pan

Dr. Li Wang

Dr. Weiguaju Nong

Guest Editors


Positive Psychology; Mental Health and Well-being; Subjective Well-being; Positive Emotions; Mindfulness; Campus Environment; Negative Emotion Relief; PERMA Model; Flow Experience; Application of Artificial Intelligence

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