Environment and Social Psychology

Bullying and Cyberbullying and Its Psychological Effects on Adolescent

Submission deadline: 2024-11-14
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Dear colleagues,

Bullying and Cyberbullying have become one of the major psychosocial problems both in school contexts and in society in general. These phenomena have been brought to the attention of public opinion, politics, and the technology industry for the harmful and often extreme consequences for those who suffer it. The consequences of bullying and cyberbullying are psychologically devastating: they range from shame and embarrassment to social isolation of the victim, not to mention various forms of depression, panic attacks and extreme acts such as suicide attempts. Treatment and prevention strategies are effective when they are multi-leveled, namely when they combine individual-focused approaches by targeting both risky behaviors and addressing potential pre-existing vulnerabilities. Such individual-focused approaches are accompanied in parallel by so-called "system-level" interventions, starting from victimization linked to social prejudice that originates from factors such as racism and disability, up to interventions on teachers and parents, for the promotion of healthy behaviors.

This is the theme at the center of the Special Issue “Bullying and Cyberbullying and its Psychological Effects on Adolescent”. To better understand this connection, these article collections may include studies from a range of contexts, providing selected contributions to address this topic with a particular emphasis on how to transfer experimental interventions and findings to practical on-field applications.

We welcome a diversity of articles, such as conceptual and empirical articles, reviews, critical comments, and meta-analyses, for submission to this Special Issue. We will accept manuscripts from different disciplines, addressing topics related to the scope.

Prof. Francesco Tafuri

Prof. Rosabel Martinez-Roig

Prof. Francesca Latino

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children at risk; children at risk; wellbeing; health-promoting; early intervention; educational strategies

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