Environment and Social Psychology

Mathematics, Motor Skills and Interdisciplinarity in Infancy and Childhood

Submission deadline: 2024-04-30
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Daer Colleagues,

Infancy and childhood are two stages of life where children acquire and enhance multiple skills that will help them in their growth and development in different spheres.

Mathematical thinking is present from the first years of life. The Early Childhood Education stage is the beginning of the didactic work of mathematics, and that will continue throughout all subsequent educational stages.

On the other hand, motor skills and motor development specifically, will allow the acquisition of new mathematical concepts linked to everyday life.

All this under an interdisciplinary approach prevailing in the infant stage. Stage where schools and their teachers globally enhance the development of children.

This special issue wants to focus its attention on research related to mathematics, motor or psychomotor skills and interdisciplinary work carried out in the educational field in infants and primary schools.

Empirical articles and literature reviews, systematics or meta-analyses will be accepted. As well as conceptual articles that inquire about some relevant aspect and that clarify concepts that may be key in the context of childhood and mathematics, motor or interdisciplinary education.

Prof. Dr. Víctor Arufe-Giráldez and Dr. Rocío Rodríguez-Padín

Guest Editors


Mathematics; Motor skills; Interdisciplinarity; Child education; Primary education

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