Environment and Social Psychology

School Well-Being and Anxiety in Adolescents

Submission deadline: 2024-04-30
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Dear Colleagues,

Despite the efforts made all over the world to humanize the educational space of the school, the number of students with various functional disabilities is growing. An important indicator of the psychological health of students is school well-being, including low indicators of the severity of school anxiety, which may indicate the successful adaptation of children to school and the availability of energy resources for the implementation of educational tasks proper. Meanwhile, the school is a complex social organization with its explicit, fixed official tasks and a certain organizational culture, including norms, rules, multilevel communications and mythology. However, in the course of school life, students are exposed to various stressful influences associated with the educational process and communication with subjects of educational relations at different levels. Therefore, the analysis of risk factors of school distress, school anxiety and the establishment of numerous effects of school well-being is an important task of modern psychology of education. Such scientific knowledge will make it possible to develop programs and technologies for psychological and pedagogical support of academic adaptation of adolescents at school and interdisciplinary cooperation of psychologists, teachers and families in order to preserve the psychological well-being of adolescents.

This special issue on school well-being is devoted to the current state of knowledge about adolescents at risk of school problems and increased anxiety, who are in circumstances of academic maladaptation (disadaptation) of various etiologies and practical actions to strengthen school well-being and their consequences and interdisciplinary cooperation in the field of pedagogy, psychology, family support.

We welcome a diversity of articles, such as conceptual and empirical articles, reviews, critical comments, and meta-analyses, for submission to this Special Issue. We will accept manuscripts from different disciplines, addressing topics related to the scope.

Dr. Rail M. Shamionov,

Guest Editor


School well-being; School anxiety; Psychological and pedagogical support; Community; Mental health; Adolescent at risk; School culture; Interdisciplinary collaboration

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