Environment and Social Psychology

Role of Emerging Technologies in Sustainable Teaching and Learning

Submission deadline: 2023-12-31
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Dear colleagues,

Sustainable teaching is required for empowering educators to prepare learners with sustainable learning approaches towards addressing global socio-environmental challenges. Besides, Sustainable learning enables learners to inquire, rebuild, renew, reuse, be open-minded, and cope with complicated and challenging situations that require learning and relearning. Moreover, increasing internationalising tendencies, necessitate teachers to be more adaptive and agile to incorporate “new and emerging technologies in their pedagogical repertoire.” Emerging technologies are existing technologies but not widely deployed in practice. 

The extent to which technology in education has headed could be understood through three models: (i) desktop computer that depends on the power of the web, (ii) ubiquitous computing incorporating portable devices enabling the learner to take technology everywhere, and (iii) immersive technologies in which a learner interacts in a virtual environment through digitised artefacts. 

The special issue discusses how these technological models shape sustainable teaching and learning and the following are the aims of the special issue:

  • To assess the needs of the faculty to impart sustainable teaching and instill sustainable learning 

  • To study the quality processes required to bridge emerging technologies into education 

  • To examine the influence of technologies that facilitate higher levels of learning

  • To explore the effectiveness of learning through technology usage

  • To explore how technology could help teachers to assess and track students’ performance

  • To investigate the relationship between technology adoption and academic engagement of students

  • To explore face and content validity processes to be adopted during the development of instruments for evaluating educational technology 

  • To determine the effect of emerging technologies on higher education

  • To demonstrate the complex impact of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) in learner-instructor interaction

The nature of submission is not limited to the above keywords only. 

Prof. Anuj Kumar

Dr. Reema Bali

Prof. Dr. S.S. Prasada Rao

Dr. Manjeet Singh

Mr. Abhijeet Chavan

Guest Editors.


Academic Engagement of Students; Active Learning; Educational Technology; Independent and Collaborative Learning; International Education; Learning Outcomes; Renewing and Relearning; Social and Cultural Implications; Skills Transferability; Sustainable Teaching; Sustainable Learning; Technology Enhanced Learning

Published Paper

Exploring in-service preschool teachers’ acceptance of mobile learning in science teaching practice

Sharipah Ruzaina Syed Aris;Lin Chen;Mohd Khairezan Rahmat;