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Exploring the Intersection of Entrepreneurship, Social Media, and Social Psychology: A Special Issue

Submission deadline: 2024-06-30
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Dear colleagues,

The rise of social media has transformed the entrepreneurial landscape, providing unprecedented opportunities for individuals to create and grow businesses. Simultaneously, the field of social psychology offers valuable insights into the way social media influences entrepreneurial behavior and outcomes. This special issue aims to delve into the dynamic interplay between entrepreneurship, social media, and social psychology, examining the multifaceted implications for individuals, businesses, and society at large.

The Impact of Social Media on Entrepreneurial Motivation and Mindset: This section explores how social media platforms influence the motivation, aspirations, and mindset of entrepreneurs. Topics may include the role of social comparisons, self-presentation strategies, and entrepreneurial role models in shaping entrepreneurial intentions and drive.

(1)Social Media as a Catalyst for Entrepreneurial Opportunities and Innovation: This section investigates how social media platforms facilitate the identification and exploitation of entrepreneurial opportunities. It examines the role of social networks, crowd wisdom, and user-generated content in fostering innovation, collaboration, and disruptive business models.

(2)The Influence of Social Media on Entrepreneurial Marketing and Branding: This section focuses on the way social media shapes entrepreneurial marketing and branding strategies. It explores the use of social media platforms for customer engagement, influencer marketing, brand storytelling, and the creation of social capital in the entrepreneurial context.

(3)Social Media and Entrepreneurial Decision-Making: This section delves into the cognitive and behavioral aspects of entrepreneurial decision-making influenced by social media. It examines how social media data and analytics inform entrepreneurial judgment, opportunity evaluation, risk perception, and resource allocation.

(4)Psychological Challenges and Well-being of Entrepreneurs in the Social Media Era: This section addresses the psychological challenges faced by entrepreneurs in the context of social media. It explores the impact of social media on entrepreneurial stress, burnout, work-life balance, and mental health, along with potential coping mechanisms and support systems.

(5)Social Media, Entrepreneurship, and Societal Impact: This section explores the broader societal implications of the intersection between social media, entrepreneurship, and social psychology. It examines how social media entrepreneurship contributes to social change, community building, economic development, and the democratization of entrepreneurship.

(6)Ethical and Privacy Considerations in Social Media Entrepreneurship: This section focuses on the ethical dilemmas and privacy concerns associated with social media entrepreneurship. It addresses issues such as data privacy, online trust, transparency, the digital divide, and ethical guidelines for social media entrepreneurs.

Conclusion: The special issue provides a comprehensive exploration of the complex relationship between entrepreneurship, social media, and social psychology. Examining various dimensions, it sheds light on both the opportunities and challenges that arise at this intersection. This collective knowledge can guide entrepreneurs, policymakers, researchers, and practitioners in understanding and harnessing the potential of social media for entrepreneurial success while ensuring the well-being of entrepreneurs and the society they operate in.

Dr. Mónica Lorena Sánchez-Limón

Dr. Sikandar Ali Qalati

Dr. Rohit Bansal

Guest Editors.


Entrepreneurship; Social Media; Social Psychology; Well-being; Societal Impact; Innovation; Decision-making

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