Environment and Social Psychology

Special Issues
Dr. Isabelle Skinner,Dr. Karen Anderson,
Health promotion; equity; Rural health; Remote health; Healthy ageing, Indigenous; Aboriginal; First Nations; Oral health; Mental health; Community health; Telehealth; Digital health
Submission deadline: 2023-10-31
Dr. Sheikh Mohd Saleem,
Children at Risk; Mental Health; Wellbeing; Health-Promoting; Early Intervention; Community; Services; Interdisciplinary Collaboration; War Zone Conflicts; Humanitarian Crisis; Natural Disasters
Submission deadline: 2023-10-31
Prof. Dr. María del Mar Sánchez-Fuentes,
Sexual violence; Gender-based violence; Social behaviors; Psychological behaviors; Prevention
Submission deadline: 2023-10-31
Dr. Vinit Kumar Gunjan,Dr. Ninni Singh,
Cognitive Computing; Machine Learning; IoT; Fuzzy Systems; Knowledge discovery; Public health; Psychology health
Submission deadline: 2023-09-30
Dr. Julia Fedotova,
Premenopausal women; Menopausal women; Pregnant women; Affective-related state; Psychological state; Mental health; Wellbeing; Vitamin D deficiency; Vitamin D supplements; Nutriceutical suppot for mentality
Submission deadline: 2023-11-30
Dr. Juan Pedro Martínez-Ramón,Dr. Inmaculada Méndez Mateo,Dr. Cecilia Ruiz Esteban,Dr. Francisco Manuel Morales Rodríguez,
Adolescence; Bullying; Coexistence; Coping strategies; Family; Health-Promoting; Resilience; School; Stress; Wellbeing
Submission deadline: 2023-09-30
Prof. Dr. Francisco Manuel Morales Rodríguez,
Organizational Happiness; Coping Strategies; Daily Stress; Job and Life Satisfaction; Communication; Mindfullness; Health-promoting; Wellbeing; Interdisciplinary; Self-esteem
Submission deadline: 2023-05-31
Dr. Hak-Seon Kim,Dr. Jue Wang,Ms. Narariya Dita Handani,
Customer behavior; Satisfaction; Online review; Customer experience; Electronic word of mouth (eWOM); Big data; Services marketing
Submission deadline: 2023-12-31
Prof. Samuel Fernández-Salinero,
Organizational Conflict; Job Satisfaction; Health Promoting; Management; Interdisciplinarity; Social Corporate Responsibility
Submission deadline: 2023-07-31
Prof. Dat Bao,
Poetry; Teacher Education; Pedagogy; Creativity Dialogue; Literacy; Metaphorical Thinking; Anxiety; Learning
Submission deadline: 2023-06-30
Prof. Dr. Delfín Ortega-Sánchez,
Sexual Orientation; Gender Identity; Sexual Diversity Education; LGBTIQ+; Psychosocial and Educational Factors; Education for a Democratic Citizenship
Submission deadline: 2023-12-31
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