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The spiritual and social role of the mother in the Ukrainian family

Maryna Antonets, Olesia Silchuk, Thecla Alordey, Oksana Mokliak, Olga Litvinova

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Vol 9, Issue 6, 2024, Article identifier:

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The relevance of the topic lies in the study of the spiritual and social role of the mother in the Ukrainian family due to the crisis of the family in modern society. This crisis is manifested in the increase of divorces, fatherlessness, a free attitude toward sex before marriage, abortions, homosexual behavior, and a lack of trust and love between family members. Currently, during the war waged by Russia against Ukraine, Ukrainians are subjected to terrible sexual assaults, destruction, and abuse by the enemy. Because of this occupational war, the crisis in the family worsens even more. The study was conducted in 2021, before Russia’s large-scale invasion of Ukraine. The sample included families living in Kyiv. It was advisable to experiment with 30 families who believe in God and 30 atheist families. The following methodical tools were used in the research: T. Alordey’s questionnaire, the method of ‘Normative resistance’ according to E. Eidemiller, and the projective method of ‘Draw-a-Family-Picture’. The aim of the research was to show a special vital resource of Christian mothers, which affects the creation of an atmosphere of love and respect in their families, in contrast to the vital resource of mothers in families that do not believe in God. This vital resource affects the performance of the role of the mother. As a result of the questionnaire, husbands’ understanding of the mother’s role in the family was studied. Christian and non-Christian men showed that most of them were grateful to their mothers. From the answers in the questionnaires, it is clear that the life principles that husbands learned from their mothers, they practice in their own families. This forms the authority of the wife in the family and affects the role of the mother. Normative resistance in mothers from non-believing families was not ascertained. These mothers considered terrible, negative situations to be normal. Mothers who confess Christ ascertain normative resistance. They make great efforts so that children grow up in an atmosphere of joy and mutual understanding. Analyzing the drawings of children from non-Christian families, one can see psychological and spiritual problems in families. The pictures reflect children’s experiences of conflicts in the family. An atmosphere of love and strong family relationships can be observed in the drawings of Christian children. Children have mothers who pray for them. The effectiveness of the ‘I am a mother’ training aimed at biological and social mothers is shown. The social mothers are preschool educators, schoolteachers, and academics in higher education institutions. Ukrainian mothers, teaching their children to love God and the motherland, positively influence society and form the spiritual, professional, and business cultures of the young generation. Christian families have a special, vital resource. This resource enables mothers to fully fulfill their spiritual and social roles in the family. During the war in Ukraine, such mothers laid the foundations of new values that affect the whole world.


biological mother; social mother; Christian and non-Christian families; training ‘I am a mother’

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