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The value and implementation path of smart media technology application in the cultural heritage of ethnic traditional sports

yunhao tang

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This study analyses the value of embedding smart media technology in the protection and inheritance of traditional Chinese national sports culture, explores the logical relationship between smart media technology and traditional sports culture inheritance, and proposes innovative development paths based on the basic principles and development trends in an attempt to provide useful references for the living inheritance and sustainable development of traditional Chinese national sports culture. The rational use of smart media technology can effectively drive the high-quality development of various fields. The application of smart media technology in the inheritance and development of traditional ethnic sports culture is expected to reflect the diversified values, based on which it is important to point out that the implementation path of the new smart media technology to accelerate the promotion of traditional ethnic sports culture is of great significance in practical development. This study uses the PDCA cycle theory to establish a research idea based on the main line of “value analysis-proposed path-path evaluation-continuous optimization”, whereby the smart media technology drives the innovation of the development situation, and pushes the dissemination of Chinese traditional national sports culture into the smart media era. It is found that the integration of the two helps to innovate the way of cultural inheritance, is conducive to better excavation and collation of the essence of excellent traditional sports culture, and can better promote diversified development. It is conducive to promoting the sustainable development of the traditional sports culture industry. It is conducive to the promotion of national cultural exchanges, exchanges, intermingling and the enhancement of national cohesion, and helps to effectively excavate and reasonably use the deep value of smart media technology; it should be based on the needs of development and innovative communication and development of smart sports culture mode. The development of traditional sports short video platform, the construction of intelligent traditional sports into the campus system, the construction of a diversified system of communication mode; from the “traditional inheritance mode” to the “intelligent leadership”, the integration of content, innovative inheritance mode. From “cultural inheritance” to “resource sharing”, precise positioning and integration of resources. Eventually, a system will be formed that is led by intelligent innovation, optimizes the mode, improves the content, and strengthens the evaluation and feedback.



intellectual media technology; ethnic traditional sports culture; inheritance and development; value; implementation paths

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