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ESP aims to explore the connections between the environment and human condition, and enhance the environment protection consciousness and behaviors that are crucial to achieve the goals of sustainable development and human development. With interdisciplinary approaches, integrated theory, research and practice, we pursue to:

1. Examine the possibilities of human and social development and use them as a reliable paradigm to promote peace, prosperity and progress in a complex and changing world;

2. Transcend the contradiction and duality of contemporary ideologies and methods to a united framework of sociopsychological research;

3. Have a viable paradigm, conducive to social development, that stimulates the academic aspiration for the advancement of knowledge and the search of empirical evidence and truth, and supports environment conservation as legitimate;

4. Cure the sociopsychological disorder (beliefs, attitudes, stereotypes, prejudices, old habits and politico-cultural practices ) that thwarts the quality education and learning, while encouraging the contemporary dogmas due to the influence of social behaviors;

5. Sense and find a way for nihilism that incubates psychopathology of self-destructive addictions (sexual abuse, substance and drug use, interpersonal violence and anomic dysfunctions) and breeds mayhem, mass murders and terror.


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Vol 9, No 6 (2024)

Table of Contents

Research Articles

by Patrick Nkemdilim Ijeh, Mavis Okeoghene Onojeghwo, Joshua Aghogho Erubami
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Elections are critical aspects of functional democracy and their perceived credibility ultimately affects the extent of public participation in political processes. As an underlying psychological process, perception influences how individuals arrange, interpret, and derive meanings from the information they encounter. This study examines electorates’ perceptions of electoral reforms as a prerequisite for credible elections in Nigeria and the perceived roles of the mass media in this regard. The study adopts the survey research method to sample the views of 384 registered voters in the 2023 Nigerian general elections using the multistage sampling technique. The collected data were analysed using the descriptive statistics of mean and standard deviation. Findings show that the respondents are very much aware of previous efforts aimed at electoral reforms in Nigeria, and they perceive such reforms as prerequisites for credible elections because they sanitise election-related activities and ensure that election results reflect electorates’ desires. Similarly, the respondents also perceive the mass media as key players in electoral reform efforts because they arouse citizens’ political consciousness on the need for electoral reforms by creating awareness of the defects in existing electoral processes and educating the masses on the need for adequate political involvement. The study recommends, among others, that Nigeria should sustain genuine electoral reforms until the ideal electoral system evolves, and Nigerians should continue to participate in all electoral processes as politics is too important to be left to politicians alone.

Research Articles

by Naomi Jeanne Setiawan, Lidia Sandra
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This mixed-methods study investigates the role of life meaning in teaching motivation among educators at Sekolah Cendekia Harapan, employing a concurrent design to integrate quantitative and qualitative data. The research encompasses a sample of 22 teachers, with a subset of 12 participating in detailed interviews. The quantitative analysis reveals a multifarious influence of life meaning on teaching motivation. While some aspects of life meaning significantly bolster motivation, others show negligible or even inverse effects. These findings illuminate the complexity of motivational factors, challenging the conventional wisdom of a uniform influence of life meaning as posited in Viktor Frankl’s theory. The qualitative insights enrich these findings, underscoring the nuanced interplay between educators’ life meaning and their professional drive. The study underscores the necessity of accounting for broader contextual factors—including working conditions, social support systems, and educational policies—to fully comprehend the motivational landscape of teachers. It concludes that while life meaning is a vital element, it is not the exclusive determinant of teaching motivation. Further inquiry is warranted to delineate the intricate dynamics of this relationship, with a particular focus on the reciprocal impact of teaching on life meaning within diverse cultural settings. Such understanding is pivotal for crafting targeted professional development initiatives.

Research Articles

by yunhao tang
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This study analyses the value of embedding smart media technology in the protection and inheritance of traditional Chinese national sports culture, explores the logical relationship between smart media technology and traditional sports culture inheritance, and proposes innovative development paths based on the basic principles and development trends in an attempt to provide useful references for the living inheritance and sustainable development of traditional Chinese national sports culture. The rational use of smart media technology can effectively drive the high-quality development of various fields. The application of smart media technology in the inheritance and development of traditional ethnic sports culture is expected to reflect the diversified values, based on which it is important to point out that the implementation path of the new smart media technology to accelerate the promotion of traditional ethnic sports culture is of great significance in practical development. This study uses the PDCA cycle theory to establish a research idea based on the main line of “value analysis-proposed path-path evaluation-continuous optimization”, whereby the smart media technology drives the innovation of the development situation, and pushes the dissemination of Chinese traditional national sports culture into the smart media era. It is found that the integration of the two helps to innovate the way of cultural inheritance, is conducive to better excavation and collation of the essence of excellent traditional sports culture, and can better promote diversified development. It is conducive to promoting the sustainable development of the traditional sports culture industry. It is conducive to the promotion of national cultural exchanges, exchanges, intermingling and the enhancement of national cohesion, and helps to effectively excavate and reasonably use the deep value of smart media technology; it should be based on the needs of development and innovative communication and development of smart sports culture mode. The development of traditional sports short video platform, the construction of intelligent traditional sports into the campus system, the construction of a diversified system of communication mode; from the “traditional inheritance mode” to the “intelligent leadership”, the integration of content, innovative inheritance mode. From “cultural inheritance” to “resource sharing”, precise positioning and integration of resources. Eventually, a system will be formed that is led by intelligent innovation, optimizes the mode, improves the content, and strengthens the evaluation and feedback.


Research Articles

by Narhuda H. Unga
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The curriculum has been developed and implemented in accordance with the regulatory guidelines set by the Commission on Higher Education. This ensures that the education provided to students in the field of nutrition and dietetics meets the expected standards and quality benchmarks, ultimately benefiting the students and the field. The purpose of this study was to assess the confidence of implementation of the new nutrition and dietetics curriculum as evaluated by the program administrators and the faculty. The program administrators (n = 5) and faculty (n = 37) were taken from 4 randomly sampled higher education institution in Mindanao, Philippines. There were 7 metrics developed in this study used to evaluate the confidence of the participants based on the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Memo Order No. 14, series of 2017. The participants were highly confident that the new curriculum adhered to the mandates stipulated in the order. Among the 7 metrics, the participants were highly confident on the curriculum instruction and admission of students while improvements shall be done on facilities and library resources. The findings have important impacts on higher education as it highlighted the necessary areas to be improved and focused. Professional development also mediated the confidence of the participants showing those with higher education, i.e., master’s and doctorate level, were more confident on instruction, faculty, internship, admission, and facilities available in the new curriculum. The confidence of the participants evaluated the status of the implementation indicating positive direction and further development of facilities and academic resources.

Research Articles

by ZHENG Jie, LUO Rui feng
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Oxymoron refers to juxtaposing two words that are semantically contradictory to each other in language communication, which makes them have rhetorical connection, and achieves the modification effect of binary opposition through the antonym relationship in semantic components, and which makes the expression profound and more tense. Based on the theory of cognitive linguistics, this study analyzes the formation mechanism of the oxymoron “tough women” from the perspective of “reality-cognition-language” and discusses the cognitive and psychological mechanism of its formation. Conceptual blending theory is used to form the oxymoron conceptual integration prominent model of “tough women”. It is found that the formation of the word “tough women” has a long historical reasons. From ancient times to modern times, because women’s social status changes with the changes of objective social forms, based on physical experience and psychological perception of different times, people form their concepts about the “tough women”. Dynamic cognitive processing of “female” is carried out to form an abstract image schema of modern “tough women”, which integrates the traditional weak characteristic domain of women and the strong male characteristic domain in psychological space, and a theoretical model of conceptual integration of oxymoron is put forward.

Research Articles

by Tsagay Tsagay, Vichayanan Rattanawiboonsom, Kritcha Yawised
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The purpose of this research was to empirically investigate the existence of Enterprise Risk Management and to determine the influence of Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies on the Enterprise Risk Management of the Small-medium Enterprises (SMEs). To achieve the objectives of the study, empirical data is collected from 300 production and manufacturing SME owners and managers from the economic region of Bhutan using closed-ended structured questionnaire. The Structural Equation Modelling was employed as the main technique for data analysis to test the proposed model and hypothesis. The findings revealed the relationship between Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies and Enterprise Risk Management to be statistically significant. Furthermore, the study found that the SME owner/managers demonstrated to be in the “Strong” category on four Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies items and in “Moderate” category for the remaining six items, which are vital to understand in a developing nation. The novel contribution of this research focuses on integrating Enterprise Risk Management and strategic planning processes to gain a better understanding of the enterprise’s key risks and opportunities that are relevant to strategic objectives, as well as defining the leadership team’s responsibilities to establish clear risk oversight and accountability.

Research Articles

by Maliheh Khalvati, Gholamreza Ghaedamini Harouni, Masumeh Ghazanfarpour, Mohammadreza Asgari, Pezhman Hadinezhad, Shaghayegh Khosravifar, Masoudeh Babakhanian
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Received: 30 August 2023 | Accepted: 5 December 2023 | Available online: 12 March 2024


Khalvati M, Harouni GG, Ghazanfarpour M, et al. Cultural adaptation and validation of the Barratt Impulsiveness Scale (BIS) in a population of Iranian drug and alcohol addicts. Environment and Social Psychology 2024; 9(6): 2042. doi: 10.54517/esp.v9i6.2042


Copyright © 2024 by author(s). Environment and Social Psychology is published by Asia Pacific Academy of Science Pte. Ltd. This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/), permitting distribution and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is cited.

This study aimed to culturally adapt and validate the Barratt Impulsiveness Scale (BIS) in a population of Iranian drug and alcohol addicts. The statistical population in this cross-sectional, descriptive, scale development study consisted of all the drug and alcohol addicts in Iran. Of these, 518 were selected as participants using convenient sampling. The measurement tools included a demographic checklist, the BIS, and the Distress Tolerance Scale (DTS). The adaptability and stability of the tool were tested using Cronbach’s alpha and ICC to measure its reliability. Exploratory factor analysis (EFA) and confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) were also employed to assess the construct validity of the tool. The clinical cut-off point was determined following the psychiatrist interview (as the gold standard) using the rocking curve (to determine the tool’s sensitivity and specificity) in MedCalc-19.4.0. Moreover, CFA, EFA, and descriptive analysis of participants’ demographics were performed in AMOS-18, SPSS-24, and SPSS-26, respectively. The mean age of participants was 31.9 ± 9.3 years. Drug abuse was the most common type of addiction among the participants (77.8%). Scratching the body, punching a hard object, and self-injection were the most common impulsive actions. The ICC score calculated using the consistency type was 0.78 (95% Cl: 0.45–0.80). A significant inverse relationship was found between BIS and DTS (P = 0.000, r = −0.021). Three factors were extracted from the Varimax rotation of the factors, and two items (5 and 14) were excluded. The results showed a cut-point of 65, with the best balance exhibiting sensitivity values of 76.6 (62.0–87.7) and specificity values of 52.5 (47.9–57.1) for BIS. Items 27, 29, and 30 were excluded based on the correction indices provided for CFA in AMOS. The goodness of fit indices was satisfactory (CMIN/DF = 2.20, GFI = 0.826, AGFI = 0.792, CFI = 0.754, RMSEA = 0.071). Based on the study findings, it can be concluded that the right diagnostic tools can help policymakers, therapists, and other relevant authorities to predict people’s proclivity to abuse drugs.

Research Articles

by Shivani Raheja, Renu Gupta, Gayatri Yadav
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Research Articles

by Liana Spytska
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The research significance is determined by the necessity to gain a more profound comprehension of the influence of mental disorders on an individual's perspective of the world. The research intends to conduct an empirical study to identify and compare the levels of personal indicators of world perception in individuals with hysterical and neurotic disorders. The methodology employed in investigating this issue involved surveying participants, which gathered data on the psychological condition and perception of the environment among the individuals involved in the study (n=62). The study employed various methods of scientific inquiry, including system analysis, comparison method, logical analysis, classification, synthesis, and deduction, in addition to conducting interviews with the respondents. It defines the terms “neurotic” and “hysteria”, describes the causes and consequences of an unstable emotional state, determines the connection between an unstable emotional state and neurotic and hysterical personality disorders, uncovers potential physiological causes for the development of these disorders, lists and describes physiological and sociocultural factors that shape a person's worldview, and explores personal factors that influence. The research materials possess practical significance as they provide empirical evidence of the impact of hysterical and neurotic personality disorders on an individual's perspective of the world.

Research Articles

by Sonali Mohapatra, Arya Kumar, T. Shirmila, Aruna Dev Rroy, Sweta Leena Hota
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Research Articles

by Richar Jacobo Posso-Pacheco, María Gladys Cóndor-Chicaiza, Jannet del Rocío Cóndor-Chicaiza, Bertha Susana Paz-Viteri, Victor Arufe Giráldez, Alberto Sanmiguel-Rodríguez, Norma Amabilia Ortiz Bravo
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With the application of remote education due to the pandemic, Ecuadorian teachers contextualized the curriculum to the needs of their students. The objective was to analyse emerging dialogue patterns during the COVID-19 pandemic, focusing on teachers’ experiences and stories about their interaction with their students. The research was qualitative in which the method of indirect observation of the transcription of 73 semi-structured interviews with teachers from educational institutions in Ecuador was applied through the Zoom platform. To analyze the results, they were categorized and conceptualized following the triple pattern of dialogue and discourse proposed by Mehan in its three dimensions: initiation, response and evaluation. Three phases were established: construction of the final indirect observation instrument; quality control of the information so that there is no subjectivity through the agreement of the criteria of three research authors; and the interpretation of indirect observation through contextualization by curricular contents, methodological strategies and didactic resources. It is revealed that teachers demonstrated remarkable adaptation during the COVID-19 pandemic, focusing on emotional containment and creativity.

Research Articles

by Ana Maria Torres, Sergio Sanchez
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Research Articles

by Maryna Antonets, Olesia Silchuk, Thecla Alordey, Oksana Mokliak, Olga Litvinova
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The relevance of the topic lies in the study of the spiritual and social role of the mother in the Ukrainian family due to the crisis of the family in modern society. This crisis is manifested in the increase of divorces, fatherlessness, a free attitude toward sex before marriage, abortions, homosexual behavior, and a lack of trust and love between family members. Currently, during the war waged by Russia against Ukraine, Ukrainians are subjected to terrible sexual assaults, destruction, and abuse by the enemy. Because of this occupational war, the crisis in the family worsens even more. The study was conducted in 2021, before Russia’s large-scale invasion of Ukraine. The sample included families living in Kyiv. It was advisable to experiment with 30 families who believe in God and 30 atheist families. The following methodical tools were used in the research: T. Alordey’s questionnaire, the method of ‘Normative resistance’ according to E. Eidemiller, and the projective method of ‘Draw-a-Family-Picture’. The aim of the research was to show a special vital resource of Christian mothers, which affects the creation of an atmosphere of love and respect in their families, in contrast to the vital resource of mothers in families that do not believe in God. This vital resource affects the performance of the role of the mother. As a result of the questionnaire, husbands’ understanding of the mother’s role in the family was studied. Christian and non-Christian men showed that most of them were grateful to their mothers. From the answers in the questionnaires, it is clear that the life principles that husbands learned from their mothers, they practice in their own families. This forms the authority of the wife in the family and affects the role of the mother. Normative resistance in mothers from non-believing families was not ascertained. These mothers considered terrible, negative situations to be normal. Mothers who confess Christ ascertain normative resistance. They make great efforts so that children grow up in an atmosphere of joy and mutual understanding. Analyzing the drawings of children from non-Christian families, one can see psychological and spiritual problems in families. The pictures reflect children’s experiences of conflicts in the family. An atmosphere of love and strong family relationships can be observed in the drawings of Christian children. Children have mothers who pray for them. The effectiveness of the ‘I am a mother’ training aimed at biological and social mothers is shown. The social mothers are preschool educators, schoolteachers, and academics in higher education institutions. Ukrainian mothers, teaching their children to love God and the motherland, positively influence society and form the spiritual, professional, and business cultures of the young generation. Christian families have a special, vital resource. This resource enables mothers to fully fulfill their spiritual and social roles in the family. During the war in Ukraine, such mothers laid the foundations of new values that affect the whole world.

Research Articles

by Xiaogang Zhou, Nor Shafrin Ahmad, Ahmad Zamri Khairani, Yongqian Chen
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Background/Objective: Adherence to the 24-hour movement guidelines (24-HMG) and various favorable health outcomes has been extensively documented; however, its relationship with anxiety among school-aged adolescents in China remains less explored. This study aims to examine the association between complying with the 24-HMG and anxiety status among school-aged adolescents in China.

Methods: Cross-sectional data on movement behavior, encompassing physical activity, sedentary behavior, and sleep, were collected through the Health Behavior School-aged Children Survey from 670 adolescents (mean age=13.57±0.98). Anxiety was self-reported using the Self-Rating Anxiety Scale. Logistic regression was employed to assess the association between meeting the 24-HMG and anxiety status.

Results: Only 2.1% of participants met all three 24-HMG, while 26.0% did not meet any of the recommendations. Additionally, 8.2% of participants reported experiencing anxiety. Logistic regression analyses indicated a significant association between adherence to the sedentary behavior guidelines (Odds Ratio [OR] = 0.301, p < 0.05), sleep guidelines (OR = 0.260, p < 0.005), or both (OR = 0.168, p < 0.005), and a reduced likelihood of anxiety compared to non-adherence. Conversely, adherence to none of the 24-HMG was significantly associated with an increased likelihood of anxiety (OR=3.343, p<0.05), highlighting a greater probability of experiencing anxiety among these individuals compared to those who adhered to the guidelines.

Conclusion: Only a minority of Chinese adolescents adhere to healthy movement behavior guidelines. It is important to consider the holistic approach of 24-HMG in mitigating anxiety among school-aged adolescents in China. Encouraging more high-quality research is essential to identify the correlates of movement behaviors in adolescents and design effective interventions.

Research Articles

by Marina Tsoy, Vladislav Shchekoldin
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The article makes an effort to evaluate the influence of a brand meaning on the perception of popular products by children and adolescents on the example of junk food and sport shoes. The study involved 703 pupils of secondary schools from 11 to 18 years old. The proposed approach is based on the use of the Saaty's method, which allows to assess the influence of different factors on the perception of brands by children and adolescents and to determine the distinctions in their perception of brands of various types of products. Based on the analysis, a hierarchical structure of brand perception by children was built. It includes the brand awareness, brand logo recognition, consumer impression of brand advertising. The weighting coefficients of the hierarchical model for fast food and sport shoe brands were estimated and the results were compared, distinctions and similarities were identified in the perception of brands of various types of goods by children and adolescents. For fast food brands, perception of brand quality plays a major role, whilst for sport shoe the brand attractiveness is the most important factor.

Research Articles

by Nevzat Tarhan, Çiğdem Demirsoy, Aylin Tutgun Ünal
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Today, the increasing use of digital media transforms relationships, family perceptions and attitudes. This situation poses a risk to the family institution and children. In this context, measurement tools aimed at determining family perceptions and attitudes should be reconsidered in current studies. The aim of this study was to develop a valid and reliable measurement tool that can measure family perceptions and attitudes dimensionally. The sample of the research consisted of 495 participants in Turkey. As a result of the study, 3-dimensional (Family concept, Fears affecting relationships, Individualization and freedom) and 20-item Uskudar Family Perception and Attitudes Scale (USFPAS) was developed. The scale explained 51.18% of the total variance. The Cronbach Alpha value of the scale was found to be .75. In the modeling and confirmatory factor analysis study, goodness of fit values was found to be in acceptable range. According to the results of psychometric analysis: (1) Women have higher fears that affect family relationships than men, (2) As daily social media use increases, the level of individualization and freedom increases, and family perception and attitude levels decrease, (3) Those who have children have higher fears that affect relationships than those who do not, and their perceptions of individualization and freedom are lower. The valid and reliable scale developed in this research will provide concrete data to the literature.

Research Articles

by Jiang Lirong
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With the rapid development of global integration, new requirements have been put forward for the content of communication and cooperation among countries. Since the 1990s, China's comprehensive strength has continued to develop rapidly and has become an indispensable and important country in the global development process. With China's increasing international status and close cooperation with countries around the world in multiple fields, each country has a strong demand for learning Chinese, which has prompted China's Chinese language and culture to enter a new stage of high-quality development. Language is a bridge of communication that can promote the integration and development of international culture, industry, and other aspects. International Chinese language teachers play a particularly important role in the dissemination of Chinese language and literature. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a standardized framework and model for cultivating the ability elements of international Chinese language teachers based on guidance and goals, in order to promote sustainable development. This study uses literature review, interview methods, and mathematical statistics to investigate some international Chinese language teachers who have traveled from China to Thailand. The PDCA cycle theory is used to establish a development path centered on "current situation analysis, innovation path, path evaluation, and continuous improvement", exploring the difficulties and difficulties in improving the cultural communication literacy ability of Thai international Chinese language teachers, Targeted optimization and development paths should be proposed: (1) Reasonable goals and development ideas for cultivating the ability elements of international Chinese language teachers should be formulated based on the actual situation of Thai Chinese language learning, exploring deep internal motivation and logical relationships, and improving the framework for cultivating ability elements based on the elements of communication. (2) In the specific implementation process, specific indicators for cultivating ability elements should be clearly defined to strengthen standardization. Targeted training should be conducted based on relevant indicators. (3) Targeted ability element training standards should be developed for Chinese language teachers based on the actual environment, needs, and theoretical foundation of international communication in Thai Chinese language learning. Fourthly, explore diversified cultural communication methods and development path choices, improve the comprehensive ability of Thai international Chinese language around the elements of global communication, and continuously optimize the curriculum system and teaching content. (4) We should improve the evaluation and feedback system, establish clear management systems and development plans for each stage, and promote excellent culture and concepts in a healthy manner. In the specific implementation process, being good at identifying and proposing problems, and combining practical experience to fully solve problems, can help promote deep development.

Research Articles

by Amrita Pratap, Vijit Chaturvedi, Prachi Bhatt
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The paper investigates the reasons why decision makers often prefer individuals with high academic credentials for promotion and leadership positions. It also examines how the process of attaining higher education develops special personality traits, which hold the attention of decision makers favorably, and seem to be crucial for the organizational success. The study further explores the correlation between higher educational attainments and corporate hierarchy.

The findings of our survey are discussed in the light of both qualitative and quantitative analyses of the data. The result of the Pearson's Chi-square test rejects null hypothesis of independence between higher academic credentials and corporate hierarchy. The p-values at different levels of significance confirm that the results are significant and highly unlikely to have occurred by chance alone.

Based on Tau coefficient of the Kendall's test statistic, the magnitude of correlation between the said variables is found to be +0.33 with positive direction of correlation. This suggests that higher academic credentials can contribute about 33% to the total appraisal score given by an appraisal committee to a prospective candidate for direct placement or advancement to a leadership position in corporate hierarchy.

Research Articles

by Shuhui Liang, Xiang Gao
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Corporate culture is the soul of the enterprise and plays a vital role in creating corporate cohesion and improving business performance; in many cases, the role of corporate culture on business performance is not direct, but there are a series of intermediary influencing mechanisms. Most of the current academic circles have studied the influencing mechanism between corporate culture and business performance from the perspective of dynamic matching. Still, there is a lack of research results based on the theoretical perspective of Edgar H. Schein's corporate culture dimensions. Based on Edgar H. Schein's theoretical perspective of corporate culture dimensions, this study explores the influencing mechanism between corporate culture and the business performance of Chinese listed companies from the dimensions of corporate governance culture in the external environment and corporate governance culture in the internal environment. It conducts empirical research using the data of A-share listed companies in China's Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange as samples. The results are twofold. First, the adaptability of the enterprise's external environment has a significant and positive effect on the Weighted average return on net assets in the financial dimension; it has a substantial and positive impact on customer satisfaction in the non-financial dimension. Second, internal corporate governance culture has a significant and positive effect on weighted average return on net assets, Debt-to-Equity Ratio, Earnings per share in financial dimensions, Percentage of highly educated employees, customer satisfaction survey, and non-financial dimensions. Percentage of highly educated employees, Customer Satisfaction, Customer retention rate, and R&D investment as a percentage of operating income in non-financial dimensions have significant positive effects. The findings of this study provide theoretical and practical guidance for Chinese listed companies to strengthen the construction of external environment adaptive culture and internal corporate governance culture.

Research Articles

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Housing is a major pre-requisite of human life. So, housing development and housing finance are the governmental priorities worldwide, and Government of India (GOI) is no exception. In India ‘Affordable Housing for All’ has been a national goal since 2017. Though this national goal was supposed to be attained by 2022, it could not be attained, partly because of the crisis due to the global pandemic, Covid-19. The revised target of the GOI is 2025. This paper looks into the major players in the housing finance market viz. Commercial Banks (CBs) and HFCs and their role in attaining the national housing goal. Better presence of specialized agencies that have only minor role now, like Affordable Housing Finance Companies (AHFCs), Small Finance Banks (SFBs), and Apex Co-operative Housing Federations (ACHFs) also discussed.   


Research Articles

by Hong Hieu Hua, Hoang Yen Phuong, Thanh Thao Le
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This qualitative study investigates the impact of journal editorship on the professional identity of Vietnamese English as a Foreign Language (EFL) lecturers. Situated within the unique context of Vietnam’s rapidly evolving EFL educational landscape, the research aims to uncover how the role of a journal editor influences lecturers’ professional self-perception and practices. The study employs a qualitative design, utilizing semi-structured interviews with two Vietnamese EFL lecturers—one male with one year of experience and one female with three years of experience as journal editors. Thematic analysis is used to analyze the data. Four key themes emerge from the study: enhanced professional efficacy, navigating challenges and resilience, expanding professional networks and influence, and integrating global and local perspectives. These themes collectively illustrate the transformative role of journal editorship in shaping professional identities, highlighting increased self-efficacy, resilience, expanded professional networks, and the integration of global and local EFL teaching methodologies.

Research Articles

by Feng Mei Na, Muhammad Noor Bin Abdul Aziz
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Research Articles

by Olesia Prokofieva, Inna Koshova, Viktoriya Shevchuk, Oleksandr Kapinus, Leonid Oliynyk, Lyudmila Matokhniuk, Inna Chukhrii, Ihor Bloshchynskyi, Vadym Dyiak
74 Views, 38 PDF Downloads

The combat experience of military and demobilized persons combines the influence of combat and non-combat stressors with combat conditions and stressors associated with being in the combat zone, which leads to severe personal injury, symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder and severe stress adaptive capacity. The resource of mastering combat stress is vitality, which is confirmed by the general viable position of the subjects, focused on effective self-development. Combatants show marked signs of maladaptation, but half of them report an increase in the value of life, spiritual growth and a general trend of personal growth, with women significantly exceeding men in terms of increasing personal strength. The aim of the research is to reveal the indicators of posttraumatic growth and personality rehabilitative resources of combatants and demobilized servicemen. Therefore, the posttraumatic growth of combatants goes hand in hand with attempts to adapt to a difficult situation. The main strategies for resisting stress in these conditions are cognition and recourse to physical activity. It is the resource of physical activity that is significantly positively correlated with indicators of posttraumatic personal growth. Personality posttraumatic growth indicators have been substantiated: change in attitude toward others, emergence of new opportunities, increase in strength of personality, spiritual changes, increase in the value of life, and general posttraumatic growth. The resource of rehabilitation potential, which is little used, is the appeal to the sphere of imagination and emotional sphere. The military does not sufficiently use the resources of faith and search for social support, which in crisis conditions are productive strategies. Sustainability is an important component of personal rehabilitation potential, but at this stage of a difficult situation, the personal resources involved are a person’s activity in overcoming difficulties, his/her desire to act and win, the desire not to lose this meaning, to express their personal potential.

Research Articles

by Jian-Hong Ye, Yuting Cui, Weiguaju Nong, Yi-Sang Lee, Xiantong Yang, Li Wang, Jhen-Ni Ye
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Academic research competencies play the most essential role in graduation for graduate students, but there is still a lack of in-depth research on this matter. Since talent development suggestions are provided based on the survey results of capability gaps, this study aimed to develop a scale to examine the research competency disparity between graduation requirements and graduate students’ current levels of competency in the context of quantitative research in the education, arts and humanities, and business domains. It is named the “Quantitative Academic Competence Scale”. To explore the needs of graduate students regarding their academic research competence, we constructed a draft questionnaire with nine categories of competence; academic experts validated the scale. It was then administered to graduate students to explore their perceived disparities. A total of 457 participants assisted in filling out the questionnaire, from which 86 invalid samples were deleted, leaving 371 valid participants, giving an effective recovery rate of 81.2%. After collection and analysis, the analysis results found that the three graduate students’ academic research competences with the greatest disparity were English writing competence, research design and implementation competence, and data processing and analyzing competence. According to the results, graduate students should take more courses on English writing competence, research design and implementation competence, and data processing and analyzing competence to enhance their competencies. generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) suggests that research ability factors can be comprehensively considered. Based on the graduate students’ ability gaps, curriculum settings and training plans can be adjusted and more targeted (personalized) at teaching and guidance to help graduate students improve their academic performance and reduce weaknesses in their research capabilities.

Research Articles

by Yu Shen
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Phonological variation (PV) in multilingual communities is being researched to find out how sociolinguistic factors (SF) impact language use and perception. Earlier studies on urban linguistic diversity often failed to consider the multifaceted relationship between age, gender, education, and socioeconomic status (SES) on PV. Statistics were compiled and analyzed utilizing multiple techniques on 3326 distinct Toronto people. The research conducted discovered that less elderly and more highly educated individuals tend to be more cognizant of linguistic diversity, impacting the PV experience. SES has an essential impact on the variances in language practice and code-switching between genders. The research topic highlights multilingual communication relationships and shows the significance of having to consider numerous SFs. Innovative ideas for linguistic and social science investigations from the current investigation enhance knowledge about PV’s impact on society.

Research Articles

by Shuo Yan
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The aim of this study is to explore the relationship between primary school teachers’ occupational self-efficacy, emotional labor strategies, and job satisfaction. A questionnaire survey was conducted with primary school teachers in a certain city, and statistical analysis methods were used to obtain the research results. Firstly, primary school teachers generally have a high level of job satisfaction, with certain demographic differences. Among them, female teachers have higher job satisfaction than male teachers, and teachers with more years of experience show higher job satisfaction. Secondly, primary school teachers have overall good occupational self-efficacy, which is positively correlated with job satisfaction. That is, an increase in occupational self-efficacy can promote teachers’ job satisfaction. Additionally, primary school teachers generally adopt positive coping and expressive strategies in emotional labor. There is a certain correlation between emotional labor strategies and job satisfaction, with teachers who adopt positive coping and expressive strategies showing higher job satisfaction. Finally, occupational self-efficacy plays a mediating role between emotional labor strategies and job satisfaction. That is, the choice of emotional labor strategies is influenced by teachers’ occupational self-efficacy, which in turn affects their job satisfaction. This study provides empirical evidence for understanding the job satisfaction of primary school teachers and further reveals the mechanisms of the roles of occupational self-efficacy and emotional labor strategies in influencing teachers’ job satisfaction. The research results can provide relevant policies and measures for educational managers to promote the professional development and well-being of primary school teachers.

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by Renee Bo Young Kim, Jiayi Li
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Sustainability Label (SL) have emerged as an important product attribute in recent decades, and have evolved into various types as products with social, environmental, and economic benefits have become more prevalent in the marketplace. With the information of SL in products, consumers are encouraged to embrace environmental sustainability principles and to make environmentally sustainable choices and actions. SL helps alignment between consumers and the industry by enhancing consumers’ understanding of company’s act, and serve as an effective marketing message. However, there is limited research on consumer preferences for different types of sustainable labels or benefits. This study addresses this knowledge gap by applying choice experiment method to assess consumers’ choice behavior for products associated with various SL. Choice experiment designs are separately developed for two most relevant sustainable products (i.e. soymilk and EV) in China. A stated preference method (SPM) consumer survey was conducted in 2022 across six major cities in China, namely Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, and Xi’an, and a total of 840 valid responses were collected for assessing multinomial logit (MNL) model. Findings show that Chinese consumers prefer SL with environmental benefits, foreign COO/Brand in consuming soymilk, and prefer SL with employee friendliness, domestic COO/Brand for Electric Vehicle (EV). These findings provide insights for marketers and researchers Chinese consumers’ preference for specific SL and brand for two selected product categories.

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by Ana Sofia Soares, José Luis Pais-Ribeiro, Isabel Silva
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Characterizing emerging adulthood as a period of the life course has proven to be relevant in understanding development and intervention with a focus on a positive orientation in the life course trajectory. Characterized by individualization, this period implies that people are increasingly compelled to depend on their own resources to build their life course trajectory. Identifying which resources place the person on a positive developmental trajectory becomes more relevant. Within the field of the Positive Youth Development, the Developmental Assets® model specifically focuses on which resources, that is, which personal and contextual characteristics of emerging adults can favor a positive orientation in the trajectory of the life course. The objective of this investigation is to analyze the utilization of the Developmental Assets model in the emerging adult population. In the review process, the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Protocols (PRISMA-P) protocol was applied. Research was conducted in July 2023 in electronic databases, namely: Web of Science, Scopus, Science Direct, ERIC, PsycArticles, SciELO and B-on. In this review, 13 articles published between 1999 and 2023 were included. Results indicate diversity in adopted methods, both on conceptualization of the concept and its operationalization. Results of the analysis of studies included indicate the relevance of applying the Developmental Assets model in emerging adults and the importance of its exploration in future investigations. The utilization of the model in the population of emerging adults is suggested as a strategy focusing on a positive developmental trajectory.

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by Ami Rokach, Karishma Patel
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In this paper, through a thematic literature review of recent studies, our objective was to explore the impact of loneliness and its effects on health. We emphasize the human need for a sense of belonging and societal inclusion. We further discuss the link of loneliness to physiological alterations, to the development and exacerbation of mental health conditions, the influence it has on cognitive processes, and the role it plays in contributing to maladaptive coping strategies. Contrary to the feelings of loneliness, solitude and its benefits for self-reflection and personal growth are explored. The prevalence of loneliness and its cultural similarities and differences are discussed at a global level. Moreover, this review explores the intricate relationship between loneliness and various health outcomes, including chronic illness and mortality risks. It further emphasizes the importance of acknowledging loneliness as a public health concern and the need for interventions at the individual and societal level to mitigate its adverse effects.

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by Foteini Tatsi, Fotios Tatsis, Kostas Karamanis
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This research study investigated the impact of psychological factors on hosts within the accommodation sharing economy. Specifically, the study aimed to explore how psychological factors motivate individuals to become hosts and actively engage in this sector. Through a systematic review, the paper identified relevant articles in electronic databases such as Web of Science, Science Direct, EBSCOhost, and Scopus from 2000 to 2023, following the PICo model (Population, Interest, Context) to determine the review question. From an initial pool of 555 records, a comprehensive screening for eligibility resulted in the inclusion of three studies for this systematic review. The research applied rigorous reference control and evaluated the quality of included studies using the CASP tool (Critical Appraisal Skills Program). Among the three studies meeting the review criteria, socialization emerged as the primary research focus. Drawing on self-determination theory, the research demonstrates that social interaction and the formation of friendships between hosts and guests positively impact individuals' decisions to become hosts. Furthermore, aspects such as personal development, social interaction with guests, and a sense of achievement contribute to sustained participation. The study underscores the correlation between emotional stress and guest reviews, emphasizing hosts' motivation to enhance services. Additionally, the research identifies emotional and social loneliness as obstacles to host participation in the sharing economy, highlighting the crucial role of social interactions in alleviating loneliness for both hosts and guests.

Review Articles

by Shuangqi He, I-Hua Chen
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The proliferation of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) within educational spheres has undeniably enriched pedagogical practices through the integration of digital tools. Despite these advancements, the escalating use of ICT devices harbors the potential for internet addiction among educators. This systematic review scrutinizes the prevalence, symptomatology, and predictive indicators of internet addiction in the teaching profession, in addition to examining its association with physical and psychological well-being. Employing a methodical approach aligned with the PRISMA guidelines, an analysis of 15 rigorously selected scholarly articles, sourced from the Web of Science and Google Scholar, was conducted. The findings reveal a prevalence rate of internet addiction among educators ranging from 5.2% to 35%, pinpointing specific behaviors that may predispose individuals to higher addiction risks. Given the paucity of research pertaining to internet addiction among teachers, the corpus of articles ultimately incorporated into this study was constrained. However, the implications of these findings are multifaceted, highlighting the critical need for targeted interventions to ameliorate the detrimental effects of internet addiction on educators, thereby fostering a more conducive teaching and learning environment.



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