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About the Journal

ESP aims to explore the connections between the environment and human condition, and enhance the environment protection consciousness and behaviors that are crucial to achieve the goals of sustainable development and human development. With interdisciplinary approaches, integrated theory, research and practice, we pursue to:

1. Examine the possibilities of human and social development and use them as a reliable paradigm to promote peace, prosperity and progress in a complex and changing world;

2. Transcend the contradiction and duality of contemporary ideologies and methods to a united framework of sociopsychological research;

3. Have a viable paradigm, conducive to social development, that stimulates the academic aspiration for the advancement of knowledge and the search of empirical evidence and truth, and supports environment conservation as legitimate;

4. Cure the sociopsychological disorder (beliefs, attitudes, stereotypes, prejudices, old habits and politico-cultural practices ) that thwarts the quality education and learning, while encouraging the contemporary dogmas due to the influence of social behaviors;

5. Sense and find a way for nihilism that incubates psychopathology of self-destructive addictions (sexual abuse, substance and drug use, interpersonal violence and anomic dysfunctions) and breeds mayhem, mass murders and terror.

Vol 9, No 5 (2024)

Table of Contents

Research Articles

by Nurkhalida Makmor, Khalilah Abd Hafiz, Aimi Anuar, Fahimi Sofian
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Nowadays, the capability of live-streaming commerce has contributed to billions of income worldwide. Within a few hours of live-streaming, it has transformed the nascent of commercial value interaction into impulsive buying behaviour. Despites, the existing knowledge on this is unknown. This research seeks to understand the influence of para social interaction (PSI) in live-streaming shopping affects consumers impulsive buying in live-streaming platforms using the Stimulus Organism Response (SOR). A self-administrative questionnaire survey was conducted, and 335 valid responses are useable. The survey was validated by using Smart PLS technique to conduct direct and mediating effects. The result revealed that the relationships between social commerce, social presence, narrative involvement, parasocial interaction, and impulsive buying behaviour are significant. The parasocial interaction acts as mediation effect between the social factors, and impulsive buying on the live-streaming website. Based on the data analysed, the new proposed framework seems to be shaped very well. Despite the fact that, further extension and integration constructs, this study serves as a new contribution particularly in the live-streaming platforms area of studies.

Research Articles

by Ali Osman Uymaz, Pelin Uymaz, Yakup Akgül
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The primary objective of this article is to investigate and forecast nurses’ attitudes toward using AI nurses for outpatients with chronic diseases. AI technology is used in hospitals in a disease-centric manner. However, it is desired by healthcare regulators to be used in an individual-centric and holistic manner. The research model was developed based on the Unified Theory of Accepting and Using Technology. In determining the causes and consequences of the attitudes, actions, ideas, and beliefs of the nurses, the screening technique of causal comparison was used. Research data was collected from registered nurses who work in research hospitals and use intelligent health technologies for inpatients. Based on 494 responses, this study conducted a dual-phase assessment using Partial Least Squares Structural Equation Modeling as well as the creation of an AI method known as deep learning (artificial neural network). According to the results, nurses are convinced that AI is a suitable tool for their nursing tasks and increases their efficiency and productivity. It has been determined that nurses have intentions to use AI nurses for outpatients with chronic diseases. However, nurses have concerns about the reliability of ambulatory patient data. The policies and strategies of regulators will affect the acceptance of AI technology, not only for nurses but for all healthcare professionals and patients.

Research Articles

by Hussein Tarawneh, Haya Hussien Tarawneh, Mo’en Salman Alnasraween, Sami AlKhatatneh
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Women’s suffering after mastectomy presents physical and psychological challenges that require strength and resilience. Women who undergo breast removal, whether for breast cancer or other reasons, experience painful physical effects and changes in self-image. They face physical healing challenges, such as pain and swelling, but the psychological aspect is even more challenging. The study aimed to identify the relationship between body image and marital adjustment for a sample of married women with breast mastectomy. The study sample consisted of 130 married women with breast mastectomy and ranged between 28 and 60 years old. The researcher used two scales, one for body image and the other for marital adjustment. After assuring their psychometric properties, they were applied to the study sample. The results showed a statistically significant positive correlation between body image and marital adjustment. Furthermore, the results showed that there were statistically significant differences between the arithmetic means of body image and martial adjustment in favor of married women with breast mastectomy two years ago. In light of the results reached, the study recommended several recommendations, perhaps the most prominent of which are to work on breast self-examination since early detection of breast cancer doubles the chances of recovery. Supporting the psychological needs of mastectomies, such as the need for security, love, and self-esteem, and establishing psychological counseling centers in various parts of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to provide all psychological counseling and guidance services for mastectomies.

Research Articles

by Nurul Shida, Sharifah Osman, Achmad Buchori
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Engineering students often face the challenge of comprehending and applying statistical concepts to evaluate and assess research. This research seeks to investigate the factor structure of Statistics Anxiety Rating Scale (STARs), which comprises six domains with 51 items. The questionnaire was administered to engineering students currently enrolled in a statistics class, and the data were analyzed using Statistical Package for the Social Sciences. The study sheds light on the factors that contribute to students’ statistics anxiety when taking a statistics course. The findings highlight the elements that influence statistics anxiety, educators and institutions can develop targeted interventions and support mechanisms to enhance students’ statistical competence and overall learning experience. This research not only addresses the unique challenges faced by engineering students but also holds implications for fostering statistical literacy across various disciplines.

Research Articles

by Seyyede Fateme Rahimi, Zahra Hosseini, Fatemeh Salmani, Teamur Aghamolaee, Mohammad Reza Miri, Reza Dastjerdi, Murat Yıldırım
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Introduction: Work-life conflict has destructive effects on people’s lives and the well-being of societies. Considering the greater vulnerability of women to work-life conflict, the present study aimed to explore the predictors of work-life conflict in working women in Birjand, a city in the east of Iran. Methods: The present cross-sectional descriptive-analytical was conducted in 2022. The research population were women working at the University of Medical Sciences and Birjand University, evaluated using a two-part questionnaire (demographic, work-family conflict, Carlson). A cluster sampling method was used to select a representative sample from the research population. Besides descriptive statistics, a logistic regression model was used to measure the odds of work-life conflict among working women based on predictive variables. Results: The data analysis showed that participants with and without conflict significantly differed in terms of employment type, income, presence of a person needing care at home, physical health, marital status, level of education, type of university, and spouse’s job (p < 0.05). The odds of work-life conflicts were higher in participants who had someone needing care at home (OR: 4.08) than those who had none. The odds of conflict were also higher among the married (OR = 2.57) than the single, and among those holding a diploma (OR: 0.320) and associate degree (OR: 0.406) than those with a bachelor’s degree or higher. Moreover, the odds of work-life conflict were higher in participants whose spouses were self-employed (OR: 3.356). Discussion: Considering the important role of women in family and society, it is necessary to take effective steps at the individual, familial and organizational levels to minimize the conflict between work and life. Knowing the changeable and controllable factors and carrying out appropriate educational interventions can be helpful. Take-home message: Sometimes the causes of some events in life cannot be changed, but they can be managed. The issue of conflict between work and life is the same for women. Such research provides the basis for future research to teach people resilience and manage situations with effective interventions.


Research Articles

by Wenjie Lai, Bo Han, Kai Zhang, Weiwei Zhang
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This study investigated the relationships between Chinese adolescents’ mental health status and their coping strategy use in the context of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). A total of 4579 participants answered two questionnaires, and data were analyzed through multiple statistical procedures, including Pearson correlation test and one-way ANOVA. The findings show that COVID-19 generally had minor effects on the mental health of the participants and problem-solving was reported as an effective strategy to tackle the stressors caused by the pandemic. Additionally, avoiding, help-seeking and patience demonstrated similar frequency across participants and fantasying was used the most by those with severe mental health status. These findings will shed some light into how educators provide effective mental health instructions for students, and concomitantly will help in tailoring early interventions that would mitigate the adverse effects of disasters like COVID-19 on adolescents and beyond.

Research Articles

by Ameneh Yaghoobzadeh, Heather Craig, Kamel Abdi, Kelly Ann Allen, Sajjad Allahdadi, Leila Mardanian Dehkordi, Hawar Mardan, Marjan Saghafi
192 Views, 34 PDF Downloads

Ageism is a complex phenomenon influenced by many social structures, including economic systems, political ideologies, cultural norms, and prevailing social attitudes. This study aimed to explore the factors contributing to ageism using a qualitative approach. A purposive sample of 20 older adults aged 60 and over participated in semi-structured, face-to-face interviews. Data were analyzed through thematic analysis involving transcription, review, and category extraction. Three main themes and ten sub-themes emerged, encapsulating the participants’ experiences and perceptions of ageism within the Iranian context, including reactions to remarriage, insecurity and vulnerability, and death. These themes offer insights into older adults’ acceptance or denial of aging. To foster healthier attitudes towards aging and mitigate ageism, it is essential to strategically utilize existing political, economic, social, and cultural infrastructures.

Research Articles

by Bindu Roy, Millo Yaja, Anuj Kumar
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The aims of this study are to analyze the tourists’ perceptions about the impact of factors affecting destination attractiveness on the tourists’ satisfaction level after a major shift in the tourism industry due to the recent COVID-19. The second is to assess the tourists’ perceptions about the new health safety measures or potential of virtual tourism in tourist destinations. The researchers have investigated tourists’ perceptions after this pandemic period using a sample of 417 tourists visiting 5 major tourist spots in Uttarakhand namely Almora, Nainital, Dehradun, Haridwar, and Rishikesh. The judgmental sampling design is used in the study. Descriptive statistics and SEM (structural equation modelling) techniques are used for data analysis. The findings of the study entail that health safety has been marked as an important attribute for tourism destination selection for many tourists due to the COVID-19. As COVID-19 has emphasized the tourist destination stakeholders to follow the safety measure and health protocols to reset the tourism industry and tackle the health crisis, hence improving health safety and building travelers’ confidence is the immediate challenge that needs to tackle first. Findings also show the potential of virtual tourism as a new market that needs to be tapped by the host stakeholders.

Research Articles

by Kateřina Bočková, Dáša Porubčanová, Lívia Hasajová, Miron Zelina
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The presented research article is focused on the issue of flow experiencing in elite tennis players and certified project managers. The primary goal of the research is to empirically identify whether there is a significant variance in flow experiencing between elite tennis players and certified project managers. To fulfill the goal of the research, a questionnaire survey is used among elite tennis players representing the Czech and Slovak Republics and certified project managers (IPMA, PMI, PRINCE2 certification). The research results showed that there is no significant variance between elite tennis players and certified project managers flow experiencing. This finding is important for the development of managerial skills of project managers who are trying to find the most effective way of using the flow phenomenon to achieve better work performance. After an overall evaluation of both theoretical and our empirical findings, we conclude that phenomenon flow is a dynamic and lively theoretical concept with the potential for further development in areas that are not currently the subject of further research into management use.

Research Articles

by Jon Kenedi, Chablullah Wibisono, Fitri Astriani, Noviyanti Noviyanti, Ihram Bani Syukur
74 Views, 25 PDF Downloads

The community complains about the service at the sea passenger port in Tanjungbalai Karimun because it is considered unfriendly to passengers. This port is the only entrance to The Tanjung Balai Karimun Port and was built decades ago. One complaint is the surly service. The number of respondents in this study was 300. With the Slovin formula, 172 samples were obtained. The analysis tool used the AMOS software version 24. The following results were obtained. The Capabilities’ influence on the Competence metric indicates a positive impact. A strong positive correlation exists between the Determination and Knowledge of Competence variables. In this case, the Skills vs. Competence outcome is overwhelmingly favorable. Knowledge has an excellent impact on the Superior Human Resources decision. In a highly encouraging turn of events, the Capabilities variable’s determination of the Superior Human Resources variable was found to be true—an optimistic but unimportant result from applying The Skills variable to the Superior Human Resources variable. Competence has a highly favourable effect on the Super Human Resources criterion. Competence on the job has a square correlation of 89.6%, whereas superior human resources correlate with 100.00%. The already significant factors are being kept that way, while the determination of the Skills variable on the Superior Human Resources team requires some work.

Research Articles

by Dwi Sulistyawati, Imam Santosa, Deddy Wahjudi, Deny Willy Junaidy
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Advances in information technology have resulted in substantial changes in the way humans interact and communicate, especially within the millennial generation, which is widely identified as a generation that grew up in the digital age. One of the main impacts of the development of information technology is the shift from physical space to cyberspace. Excessive use of information technology can have negative effects, such as reducing face-to-face social interaction and creating feelings of loneliness or alienation. Therefore, it is very important for interior designers to consider the proper integration of information technology features to enhance the user experience in a particular space. This article aims to analyze the influence of feature technology in interior design for millennials, focusing on their behavior and social interactions in public spaces. This analysis is based on literature studies and direct observations of the use of technological features by millennials. The study’s findings reveal that millennials express satisfaction with interior design that incorporates technology, building an emotional bond with space, especially in coffee shops. As a result, the use of technological features in interior design significantly impacts millennial preferences when choosing a space. Therefore, it is important to consider the integration of technological features in interior design as a key factor in creating an attractive space in a coffee shop for millennials. Furthermore, the results of this study can be a reference for future research related to millennial generation’s preferences in choosing spaces that embrace technology in interior design.

Research Articles

by Chao Meng, Dewi Fariha Abdullah, Saleh F. A. Khatib, Norhalimah Idris
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This study aims to analyse the relationship between Intellectual Capital and Audit Quality in the context of the competitive Audit Market. The main goal of the research is to analyse the impact of Intellectual Capital on Audit Quality, specifically focusing on its presence and management. The methodology utilised a systematic literature review approach, which involved creating a detailed protocol to define the research question, guide the synthesis methodology, and establish criteria for inclusion and quality assessment. The Scopus database was used to conduct a search based on predetermined criteria. This search yielded a total of 217 initial results. After a process of refinement and thematic selection, a total of 144 papers and reviews were chosen for analysis. The selection was made in accordance with the PRISMA statement filtration. The study highlights the significant connection between Intellectual Capital and Audit Quality, underscoring the strategic value of intellectual assets in improving the effectiveness and trustworthiness of audit services in competitive auditing firms. The study highlights the importance of consistently investing in knowledge-based skills, advanced technology, and human capital to effectively respond to changing client demands and regulatory obligations. The implications of this extend to various parties such as auditors, policymakers, and stakeholders. It highlights the significance of promoting a culture that encourages knowledge sharing, investing in training and development initiatives, and adopting advanced audit procedures. These measures are crucial for improving overall audit quality and enhancing the credibility of financial reporting in the ever-changing audit market.

Research Articles

by Remya Lathabhavan, M.P. Akhil, Arnob Banik
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Research Articles

by Ivan Ilko, Viera Peterková, Barbora Pokusova, Romana Martincova, Alfred Trnka
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Feeding wild birds is one of the most popular forms of interaction between wild animals and humans. This relatively simple method can be applied in the educational process in primary schools through active learning in the field, which serves to improve the pro-environmental attitudes of pupils. The aim of the research was to verify the effect of winter bird feeding on the behavior and knowledge of pupils in selected primary schools. We were interested in whether there are differences between respondents who feed birds in winter and those who do not in terms of their gender, grade, place of residence (apartment, house), and school location. We were also interested in the motivation to feed birds and its origin. The results of our research confirmed that winter bird feeding has a positive effect on respondents’ knowledge (p = 0.0101). Pupils attending schools in village areas had a higher tendency to feed birds (p = 0.0005). This was similar for housing type, as respondents living in houses were more likely to feed birds (p = 0.0011). The effect of gender was negligible in our research (p = 0.2965).

Research Articles

by Lukáš Stárek
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Research Articles

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Nutritious and safe food is essential for good health. However not all food handlers especially in the street food trade know how to or are willing to prepare nutritiously balanced meals. Many non-communicable diseases are associated with poor diets, this therefore implies that habitual consumers of street vended foods could be at risk. This study therefore aimed to analyze the nutrition knowledge and attitudes of street food handlers as well as the food types sold. The study followed a cross-sectional, quantitative design using a peer reviewed questionnaire to obtain street food handler demographics, nutrition knowledge, attitudes and food types sold. Questionnaires were administered to 100 food vendors (June–August 2022) with more females (57%) than males (43%) in the sample. The nutrition knowledge responses given by vendors are indicative of a satisfactory knowledge level. None of the participants scored below 33% (i.e., ≤5/15). The vendors had positive attitudes towards nutrition. However, the meals they sold such as fat cakes and processed meats, were mostly fat and energy dense, and these have a potential to cause health issues such obesity and cardiovascular diseases. Studies on nutrition knowledge especially among this demographic are significantly fewer, and no other study of this kind has been conducted in the Free State.

Research Articles

by Krasimira Petrova
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Research Articles

by Neha Sharma, Sandeep Kaur
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Research Articles

by Ameen Alharbi
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Research Articles

by Siti Nabihah Md Sahak, Samsilah Roslan, Noorlila Ahmad, Zeinab Zaremohzzabieh, Zulkifli Mohamad, Aini Marina Ma’rof
93 Views, 11 PDF Downloads

Spiritual meditations practiced within green environments develop a perceived interconnection between the self and nature that influences physiological well-being. This study investigates spirituality and natural connectivity as mediators between exposure to nature and psychological well-being in Malaysian school students. This study involved 293 students (178 female and 115 male) from four secondary schools in the Johor Bahru district with survey findings on the Exposure to Nature Scale, Connectedness to Nature Scale, Spiritual Values Scale, and Psychological Well-being Scale. The students in the study fell within the age range of 13 to 16 years, and the average age of the sample was 11.86 ± 2.32 years. Structural equation modeling indicated that high spirituality and nature connectedness mediated the relationship between exposure to nature and psychological well-being. Spirituality significantly influenced the relationship between exposure to nature and psychological well-being more than nature connectedness. These findings indicate that practitioners appreciate the value of certain aspects, like exposure to nature, nature connectedness, and spirituality, as a possible path for enhancing school students’ psychological well-being.

Research Articles

by Murat Yıldırım, Zeynep Feride Olcay, Güfte Caner Akın, Derya Çevik Taşdemir
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Research Articles

by Ranpreet Kaur, Sonali Prasad Dharmadhikari, Sonali Khurjekar
104 Views, 66 PDF Downloads

Research Articles

by Roberto Sánchez-Cabrero, Marta Sandoval-Mena, Gema Pilar Saez-Suanes, Elena López-de-Arana Prado
87 Views, 134 PDF Downloads

Research Articles

by Seong-Yuen Toh, Fakhra Yasmin, Shehnaz Tehseen, Petra Poulova, Syed Arslan Haider, Elizabeth Andrews, Punitha Sinnappan, Rayhan Zaky Mahendra
100 Views, 49 PDF Downloads

Research Articles

by Haofeng Li, Jalaluddin Abdul Malek, Mohd Mahzan Awang
68 Views, 24 PDF Downloads

This study aims to use the BP neural network model to predict the monthly total number of reported symptoms in preschool children, thereby achieving early warning for the total number of cases in the current month. By analyzing the training results of the neural network and the fitting of the model, the feasibility and effectiveness of the BP neural network in monitoring the physical health of preschool children are validated. The predictive model is of great significance for the prevention of infectious diseases in a border region of a certain province, providing important information for the local incidence situation. The research results indicate that the established BP neural network model demonstrates good accuracy and practicality in predicting the monthly total number of reported symptoms in preschool children’s physical health.

Research Articles

by Ce Fang
77 Views, 25 PDF Downloads

Purpose: The professional integrity of e-commerce livestream hosts is crucial, as they function as intermediaries connecting businesses and consumers. The research investigates how the characteristics of e-commerce livestream hosts influence the mechanisms behind consumers’ impulsive motivations for online purchases. The goal is to propose targeted managerial insights for the e-commerce livestreaming sector, fostering robust and sustainable growth. Design/Methodology/Approach: The research targets Chinese consumers engaged in online livestream shopping, utilising a quantitative research methodology through a questionnaire survey. Data was collected through the dissemination of online questionnaires on e-commerce platforms, resulting in 683 valid sample responses collected between July and August 2023. Findings: Analyzing the data reveals that anchor characteristics positively impact consumers’ impulsive online purchases and, concurrently, positively influence the consumers’ level of flow experience. Conversely, the consumers’ flow experience level positively impacts their impulsive online purchases, with the flow experience serving as a partial mediator. Additionally, the independent self-concept moderates the process where anchor characteristics positively influence consumers’ tendencies for impulsive online purchases, augmenting its effectiveness. Conclusion: Anchor characteristics directly impact consumers’ impulsive online purchases and can also indirectly boost consumers’ impulsive online purchases by enhancing their flow experience. Practical Implications: The present study explores which e-commerce livestream hosts impact consumers’ impulsive online purchasing behaviours, offering insights for future research. Additionally, by exploring the impact factors of e-commerce livestream hosts’ characteristics on consumers’ impulsive online purchasing behaviours, this research provides theoretical suggestions for livestream hosts, offers guidance for consumers, and serves as a reference for businesses to enhance their livestreaming strategies.

Research Articles

by Hermie V. Inoferio, Marcelino Espartero, Masnona Asiri, Michelle Damin, Jason V. Chavez
65 Views, 49 PDF Downloads

Artificial intelligence (AI) in education transforms the instructional processes and learning competence of students. AI can adapt to the individual learning needs of students. By analyzing students’ progress, performance, and preferences, AI systems can deliver tailored content, recommend additional resources, and provide feedback. The purpose of this study was to develop initial understanding on how AI models help students cope with math anxiety and lack of confidence in engaging with mathematics learning. This exploratory research established the connections between what students feel when using AI and how it benefits them. College students (n = 20) enrolled in different math-related programs (i.e., engineering, statistics/mathematics, computer science, education) were purposively sampled for a one-on-one interview. Thematic analysis indicated that students are now turning to AI models as a coping mechanism to alleviate math anxiety and boost their self-assurance. These AI models function as “mentors” and “math companions” that offer step-by-step explanations and personalized support. Their adaptability and personalized approach make mathematics more accessible to students, with the potential to reduce anxiety and enhance the overall learning experience. Moreover, the use of AI models encourages a sense of independence, motivating students to actively engage in self-guided learning. The findings open new questions about using AI models in improving the self-efficacy and confidence of students in mathematics learning. There is also an opportunity to build an AI-assisted learning with a focus on psychological interventions and behavioral interconnections mediating students’ academic performance.

Review Articles

by Miriam Janet Cervantes Lopez, Raúl de León Escobedo, Arturo Llanes Castillo, Ricardo Salas Flores
79 Views, 30 PDF Downloads
Purpose: The objective of this article is to conduct a literature review to understand and analyze the use of information technologies in medical education. Design/methodology/approach: In this documentary article, the method employed focused on the review of various databases (Scopus, Redalyc, Scielo, and Web of Science). Findings: As a result, it was found that telemedicine, in particular, has facilitated online consultations and real-time feedback, enhancing the quality of healthcare and promoting continuous professional development. Virtual medical simulations have provided a safe and controlled environment for students and professionals to practice clinical skills, refine techniques, and build confidence before facing real-life situations. Additionally, access to online educational resources, such as digital libraries and medical journals, has expanded access to medical knowledge and enabled students and professionals to stay updated in an ever-evolving field.

Review Articles

by Mahendra Fakhri, Natan Fernando Ananka Sinaga, Syahputra Syahputra, Mahir Pradana
107 Views, 46 PDF Downloads

Controversial advertising wields a considerable influence on customers’ purchase intentions, creating both positive and negative outcomes. Using bibliometric analysis and a systematic literature review, this article attempts to present an overview of previous studies on the use of advertising, regardless of how contentious or inventive it may be. We looked through published papers to see which prominent figures in this subject have contributed, what significant subtopics are, and what further research may be done. We found that the number of papers produced on this topic between 2000 and 2023 is already increasing. We also use network analysis to map the research clusters. A total of 93 articles were discovered according to the findings. According to the report, terms like “purchase intention,” “controversy,” and “offensive advertising” have not been adequately investigated. This paper adds to the body of knowledge on the subject for academics and business policymakers. This thoughtful approach is crucial considering the significant impact of controversial advertising on consumer behavior and purchase intentions.



This journal will be jointly published by Asia Pacific Academy of Science and Arts and Science Press


This journal will be jointly published by Asia Pacific Academy of Science and Arts and Science Press.


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